Turkcell Superonline
Customer Self-Service


Freelance Project. Followed a user-centered design approach to deliver intuitive interactions for new and existing functions though consistent user-flows, and meet business objectives within a tight schedule.

In collaboration with Tolga Guldalli
Agency: iSection

Sign In & Personalized Offers

Efficiently unleash cross-media information without cross-media value.

Users can shuffle offer cards, take action for each of them, dismiss or archive offer messages.


Quick Widgets & Invoice Management

Dashboard utilizes sidebar for quick widgets allowing users to get an overview of their subscriptions, unpaid invoices, tip of the day and ever-growing widget library e.g. speed test 

Invoice settings screen allows users to turn on/off certain options.

Subscriptions & Services

“Bird's-eye view” allows users to display multiple subscription and service statuses on a single dashboard and take offered or required actions.

Each service can be managed in depth under dedicated control panels with useful infotip help.

Subscription Management & Usage Stats

Control panels are packed with small utilities reporting detailed usage information

Account Management

Knowledge Base & Application Forms